Operations Dashboard - Scale on serial chart

02-14-2019 01:10 PM
Status: Open
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Please add an option to set the minimum and maximum values for the Category Axis on a serial chart.  Currently, the chart scale is set automatically by the data, however if you are graphing more than one layer on adjacent charts, the Category Axis is likely going to have different scales, making a visual comparison very difficult.

Minimum and Maximum value option is provided for the Values Axis, and this functionality could be copied.

Thank you!

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I second that. Frustrating.... Tried utilising override function for category axis but to no effect. By default it appears categories with no values will not be shown on the category axis and this can not be changed.

Example of two serial bar charts in the same ops dashboard that have the same range of possible values but because some values have not been selected yet they are ignored in the category (y) axis.