Operations Dashboard Developer Edition

05-29-2019 01:08 PM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to have operations dashboard on-premise utilizing your own IIS web server (or other) consistent with the way that Web AppBuilder for Developers works. Having the ability to create your own dashboards and further customize them with your own development would be a huge leap for us! Deploying Web AppBuilder for Developers locally enables you to customize themes and create your own widgets. Having operation dashboards built off of the same environment would allow customization to themes, elements, and who knows what else

Please consider this in future updates. 

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There is Dashboard for Portal. So that kind of is what you are looking for, right?  I am in the process of going to Portal and 10.7 and will be exploring Dashboards soon. Hopefully it is not minified and is infinitely customizeable like WebApp Builder Dev.