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Operations Dashboard: Attribute Table w/ CSV Export

04-03-2019 03:46 PM
Status: Implemented
Esri Regular Contributor

Add an attribute table widget that shows features within the map extent with the ability to export those features to a CSV file, similar to Web AppBuilder.


I've wanted an easy way to export Attribute Tables from ArcGIS Desktop (haven't used Pro yet) and ArcGIS Online, so I'd add that it shouldn't only be within the map extent, but also be able to export the whole Attribute Table when desired. Maybe even a column picklist could be included, so we don't have to clean up as much in Excel after exporting.


Hi all, you might find this table widget useful if used in Operations Dashboard as Embedded Content:


It also supports filtering by current Dashboard selection (eg. a List object selection). Filtering by map extent is not possible for embedded content at this stage. If there is enough interest, it is likely possible to add the ability to export to csv/xlsx.


Cheers, John


The ability to export data is absolutely needed. In our organization, applying various filters to the data and then being able to export that answer would be crucial to the end user. Even the option to export the items in a list would be great.


Any update on if ESRI will add this feature to dashboards? This is definitely something that is needed out of the box.


Hi John,

I used your widget, and finally got to the point where I have the table displayed on localhost, looks ok, but when I am trying to insert URL into embedded content element in Dashboard, it's just not working.

My URL is (I did # for local host and id): 


I suppose the problem is with security may be, it's http, not https as I can see in example URL.

I would appreciate any help!

Thank you,



This would be a fabulous addition. I would like to see operations dashboard functionality and web app builder functionality combine in a single product. 

Status changed to: Implemented

The ability to download a CSV file from data-driven dashboard elements was added in the September 2021 release of ArcGIS Online. This functionality is targeted for ArcGIS Enterprise in 2022.

To filter what's in the current map extent, the dashboard author would configure a set extent map action

If you have enhancement requests for the implemented functionality, please submit a separate/new idea for tracking purposes. 


good morning all.

i assume this export option is not available for Dashboard in Enterprise? only agol?


Hi @patrickb , any update on this functionality for ArcGIS Enterprise?


We're desperately seeking the ability to download filtered data (from features selected on the dashboard map and/or applied filters). Download to CSV, Shapefile or geodatabase


Kind regards