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More flexibility in Panel Sizes when Editing Widget

08-24-2023 08:55 AM
MVP Esteemed Contributor

This happens often: I'm editing a dashboard, and the widget needs some Advanced Formatting. The expression gets kind of involved, and I would like more space to see the expression I'm working on. But I need real-time feedback on whether my changes are doing what I want.

Opening and closing the full-screen expression editor feels clunky and wastes time. I notice there are maximum sizes in the CSS. Disabling these, I can get a really nice interface for myself:


Could we get those defaults changed? It seems odd to limit the configuration panel to a narrow view when the widget off in the empty space to the right can be as big or small as I need. I'm often working on widgets that won't take up even half the empty space in the real dashboard, and knowing those pixels are just sitting there when they could be making my life easier...

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@jcarlson Are you using ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online? The software currently does allow some control over the size of the config panel. When the Arcade editor is in 'inline mode' we do not show the globals, functions and constants, which does save some screen real estate and allows you to see longer lines of code (before they get cut off, that is).