Lock Dashboard Map Element - No Zoom, No Pan

12-09-2019 05:17 AM
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Scenario 1:

You have a simple statewide, county based, choropleth map‌.  You need to display it at its full extent and allow users to select a county.  That simple action then drives a number of other elements, displaying many different metrics on that county to your users.  A subtitle for the map explains: "Select a county to see statistics."

Simple, right?  Sorry - No.

If the user mistakenly pans or zooms, they need to then know how to get their map back to where it started.  you have to add another button in the Map element and then change your subtitle: "Select a county to see statistics.  If you happen to move or zoom the map and want to return to where you were, find the Home button in the map frame and click or tap it."

Scenario 2:

The map contains many complex, overlapping polygons that require a lot of time to load.  Once loaded, they are cached.  Movement in this scenario is catastrophic. If the map pans or zooms, the polygons must load again.   In its default extent, the user is able to see the results of removing various polygons at a statewide level, and no map movement is required.  I need this for a working group that is studying various combinations of RF footprints in a statewide, multiband, P25 land mobile radio system - to create coverage classes.  I am using a Category Selector to choose the footprints.

Locking the map frame in the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS‌ to panning and zooming - if that is the needed functionality - is essential.  If a dashboard only needs a map with selectable counties at a statewide extent, why let it inspect the backyard of your neighbor - or look at the entire globe?

In both of the scenarios above, I need the user to push a button or select a county.   Any other operation is not wanted.  Any other operation creates confusion and necessitates extraneous explanations "just in case" a user does "something else."

I believe that this functionality was available in the original Dashboard, and I found myself searching for it in this edition - with no luck.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you @patrickb 

This is one that I still could use many times over - and now in the new Dashboards....




This would be really useful for publicly embedded app/maps as well. Scrolling on a site and then meeting a scrolling map can be a pain for some users.