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Lasso Selection tool is dissapeared - Dashboard

06-26-2023 02:01 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor II

Unfortunately is since last week AGOL update the 'selection lasso tool' dissapeared in the operation dashboards. Only the rectange selection and object section is available for users. 

Our clients use daily the lasso tool for select specific area's with objects and suddenly this import step is not available anymore. In my opinion a wrong choice without any alternative. 

Please bring the select lasso tool back to the dashboard!

Kind regards, 



Completely agree, where is the powerfull selection tool?

Lasso selection.jpg


Hi @Timothy1985 ,

thanks for your request. You're right, we made some changes to the map selection experience to allow for the ability to select features with a single click. And existing dashboards will display the rectangle selection tool when seen in the new version of dashboards. 

Select by rectangle or lassoSelect by rectangle or lassoHowever, as a dashboard author you have the ability to switch the selection tool so your viewers can use the lasso instead of the rectangle. The controls are at the top of the layer actions tab of the map configurations. 


Awesome, Friederike 🙂

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Status changed to: Implemented
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