Gauge showing percentage of a boolean attribute

02-05-2018 12:49 PM
Status: Already Offered
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It would be really cool to have a gauge that could show the percentage of features with a "Yes" vs. "No" boolean in a single attribute.  My use case is with business license information.  Instead of using a pie chart to show the breakdown of home-based businesses vs. commercial location businesses, it would be more clear to use a gauge which could give users the ability to clearly see the distribution when the percentages are close to being equal.

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The gauge element has the ability to show its value as a percentage. A workaround for you to try would involve the use of an integer field that has a coded value domain  to simulate boolean values. The coded values could be 0=YES, 1=NO (in my example below, my data has 0=TRUE, 1=FALSE). Each feature/row in your data would have this value captured. 

When configuring the gauge, you'd point to your data and then set a filter to identify a subset (e.g. YES or TRUE). You'd also set the gauge to get it's maximum value by counting the rows in the same dataset. See below for an example. 

Note: Not shown is that the Gauge tab has an 'As Percentage' toggle you need to enable.