Enhancement for Operation Dashboard Query Widget

09-12-2014 04:41 PM
Status: Already Offered
New Contributor II
1) Make some easier way to let users select multiple values for a single field in a query. For day of week, there are 7 days. for Query Widget right now, we are only able to quey single day, we could not query any combination of days, like (Monday, Friday), (Mon, Wed, Sat), so on so forth.
2) Web AppBuilder offers the ability to make queries where either "All" (the only choice in Operations Dashboard) or "Any" statements in the query are true. It would be nice to have the "Any" option available in Operations Dashboard.

Furthermore there is no unique value selection in the Dashboard query like in the web app builder.  Meaning you can not set the query to have a drop down box with all values from the field.  This would also be nice to have.


This one was implemented in the meanwhile. There is a settings "wheel" now next to the field where you can define if you want unique values or even values based on the query output of a previous query. 

Status changed to: Already Offered

@Xuehan_HarveyJing  What you are requesting is already possible via ArcGIS Dashboards' category selector.  They can be configured to allow users to a single category (e.g. Wednesday) or multiple categories (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday). by adjusting the Selection setting.