Enhance 'Date Selector' on Operations Dashboard

06-07-2018 02:49 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi guys,

Could you please look into enhancing the “date selector” to filter results - when Date Picked is between two time fields (e.g. between Start time field and End time field).




Another great enhancement would be to have a 'Clear' button to clear the date values.  When the dates are filled in, maps and widgets are filtered according to the actions you set up, however, the only way to get back to the original view the dates have to be deleted in one or both fields.  So it would more user friendly and efficient to have a 'clear' button to clear the values.


Geethaka Fernando

Getting similar requests from clients for this.

Btw, how do I upvote this?


It would also be great to be able to change the formatting of dates much like one can do in Excel using patterns. I have an international user base and some want MM/DD/YYYY while others wants DD/MM/YYYY. I want to be able to provide middle ground by doing MMMM DD YYY but alas, the date format is taken from AGOL settings and that provides no customisation.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

The date selector currently does not get a data source configured, and there is no concept of start/end date fields. With that said, perhaps that is the request (to hook up date selectors to data sources). This idea is a bit dated, but if you have more details on the use case you are pursuing, it would help move this forward. 

@DeniseTingstad1  In a recent release, the selectors had a significant re-design. We do offer a reset config option now. 

@AustenPepper The format of the dates should respect the locale the app is running under. Specifically, if the dashboard viewer is logged in to ArcGIS Online, that user's settings with determine the data format.  If the dashboard is being viewed anonymously, then the browser's locale is used.  With that explanation in mind, if you'd still like to see more flexibility for the date format that gets displayed, please submit it as a new/separate request tracking for voting. 


@patrickbyes I see that there is a Reset button now, makes it much easier to clear the dates quickly.  Thank you.


@patrickb I have suggested another idea, however I think it may be relevant in providing clarification to this idea. I have been using a very clunky work around for this issue, of using a range for two date selectors labelled From and To, and getting users to use each selector individually in order to view activities starting or ending (aka occurring) within a specified period of time. 

I think this idea would provide significant benefits to the majority of Survey123 users that currently are unable to use dashboards succinctly to be able to view records relative to when they have/ are/ are due to occur (based on start and end dates).