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Enable Summarized Data Download for "Features" table type on features that aren't hosted feature layers

09-19-2023 11:29 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I am a GIS Specialist for the City of North Bay. We recently started making use of our Enterprise platform to develop a series of apps and dashboards for various departments in our municipality.


One of these is a dashboard for asset inspections where one of the elements is a data table of historic inspections records for the entire asset inventory over all time. We want to enable our end users to download the table in CSV format for reporting purposes but this is option is not possible without the data being a hosted feature layer (not what we want) or if we do a "Grouped Values" table type which we also don't want because we need our users to be able to download the complete table with asset ID's, dates, etc. (i.e. multiple categorical fields for identifying individual inspections and assets, so grouped values does not meet our requirements).


It would be nice in future versions of dashboards and/or enterprise to have this as an option. In the meantime, we created a link out to a separate app with an attribute table widget where they can download the table.

Status changed to: Already Offered

The ability to download source data is actually controlled by the backend services themselves. In older versions of Enterprise, the services did not support what was needed. Enterprise 11.1 (and soon 11.2) offer more in the way of downloading source data.




Hi Patrick,

I am not sure if I get the Status "Already Offered" right. In the documentation, which you refered to, it says, that  

"Source data download is only available for elements that have an ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer with the export data setting enabled as their data source" (

Can you please explain what more is offered in 11.2 regarding the possibility of downloading source data? The download of data with table type "feature" is still limited to AGO hosted feature layers. Are there any plans to make a source data download from hosted features layers of own hosting server available?


@patrickb - this is not already offered.

This works if you are referencing a feature layer, OR if you use a data expression with Table type = Grouped values, however it does not work if you data source is a data expression and you select Table Type = Features. 

Can you please re-open this idea, because it is not solved. 

Some additional details - I am working in ArcGIS Online and using a data expression to bring two different feature layers together into a new FeatureSet. I need to provide information on individual records, so I can not use Table Type = Grouped Values. Both feature layers referenced in the data expression allow export/download (that was the first thing I checked). 


@AnnaFriedl Thanks for point that out. It looks like some documentation updates we had planned for 11.2 did not get published. We'll look into getting things updated. In the meantime, please note that both source data download and summarized data download are supported in Enterprise 11.2 for Online hosted feature layers/tables, Enterprise hosted layers/tables, and Enterprise referenced feature layers/tables. 

The ability to perform the download is controlled by the back-end services themselves by an 'extract' capability (i.e. if a service layer does not have this capability, download source data is not enabled for the dashboard element). This capability is enabled for hosted services via the layer item details page setting Allow data exports. For referenced services, you need to ensure you enable the Feature service extension and also check the Export Data box when publishing (or overwriting) a web layer. A dashboard element that references one of the feature service's layers/tables should then allow download of source data (if not, please work with Support to get a BUG report submitted). 



Behind the scenes, you can look for a service layer property named capabilities to see what is possible. These properties are explained in the REST documentation


@erica_poisson We feel that the original ask (extend Dashboards support for source data download to Enterprise services) is now offered (albeit with some documentation deficiencies). Data expressions are a different thing. We (Dashboards) don't know which service layer(s) are being referenced in the expression and don't know if they all had been given the extract capability. There is no way to set an 'allow export' property on the result set of the data expressions themselves. If you'd like for us to dig deeper into this problem set, we'd request that you please submit a new/separate idea for the community to weigh in on.    


Edit to add: There is a nuance/idiosyncrasy with Arcade expressions that return a feature set directly (without manipulation). In this very specific scenario, Arcade passes a reference to the service layer back to the dashboard, not a FeatureSet that has been pulled together in the browser client-side. 

//This will allow source data download (if the service layer has allowed exports). Why: Arcade is passing back a refernce to the layer. Such a script is 
return FeatureSetByPortalItem(Portal(''),'0047d80c5d144fa2b46b88320b008dd6', 0,  ['*'],  false);

//This will not allow data download. Why: Arcade is creating data client side. 
//It's more realistic in that most data expressions do more than just reference a layer (see above) 
//return Filter(FeatureSetByPortalItem(Portal(''),'0047d80c5d144fa2b46b88320b008dd6', 0,  ['*'],  false),"OBJECTID>-1");

Hi @patrickb -

Thank you. I have posted a new idea here. I've added more details, my data expression and some screen captures. If you are able to review this I would be appreciative.