Dynamic Aggregation of Features

08-02-2019 07:56 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

Offer the ability in Operations Dashboard to dynamically aggregate a point layer (e.g. currently open incidents) by a polygon layer (e.g. operational divisions).  This could be very useful in a control room situation to quickly assess which areas have the most issues and where to focus attention. It could work similarly to the Info Summary widget in WAB which updates as the map extent changes.

I suppose this could be done if a polygon identifier was already an attribute of the point but that would need to get written into the point layer each time a new record is inserted. Plus you'd have to have an attribute for each polygon geography that you wanted to aggregate by.  If it was done dynamically then it would be easy to aggregate by multiple geometries e.g. a summary at operational division level and then another summary at sub-division level.