Default Action in Operations Dashboard

09-03-2018 05:45 PM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor


I think it would be really nice to see the ability to set the default state of actions in an operations dashboard.

This should be able to include, default status of something like the Layer List

Layer List Expanded by Default in Ops Dashboard 

Through to enabling the Select Tool by default so that public users have no need to enable the tool.



Having to enable the select tool in your dashboard to update widgets is nonsense.  So confusing to a non-GIS user, and even to some experienced GIS users.

It's insane that there's no way to update the widgets besides using the select tool. There should be an option to update them simply by clicking on the map. I can't expect any user to know that they need to click the select tool and then select a feature in order to update the widgets. 

I completely agree with you! In some cases like lists and etc is really necessary to have a default choice already selected!

I agree, tried implementing this for the public today and I don't think that it will have the same effect for them since they have to intuitively know that they need to click a hidden button on the top left corner of the map.  Please consider having this as an option to enable this setting by default or manually choosing this so the public (as well as staff) would be able to interact with the dashboard/map together better.


It would be great also to be able to choose wether to allow multiple or just single selections.