Clock-style widget for Operations Dashboard

03-25-2019 11:36 AM
Status: Implemented
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Use case:

I've got Sunrise and Sunset times stored in a table, and I'd like to display them alongside the Streetlight data in an Operations Dashboard. The Streetlights only burn between Sunset and Sunrise - this is useful ancillary information.

I tried using the Indicator widget, but it will only support numeric data.

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Status changed to: In Product Plan

The requested functionality should be possible using Arcade. Currently, this is available in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta and please see this blog post for examples that might get you started. 

Status changed to: Implemented

ArcGIS Dashboards now supports Arcade in two ways: data expressions and advanced formatting. Used individually or together, these new additions open up many new possibilities. Examples were recently shown at the Esri Developer's Summit.  A collection of samples has also been started on GitHub