Arcade Expression in Ops Dashboard List Widget

07-13-2018 06:39 PM
Status: Implemented
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With the advancement of Arcade Expressions to manipulate data that is not owned by you it would nice to the List Widget in Operations Dashboard support Arcade Expressions. An example is that I deal with external rest services that are stored in UTC date format and a majority of my audience/users do not know the conversion to a local time format. Another example is converting Metric to Imperial units when setting a sort field.


I agree and was surprised to find the functionality wasn't there. I am hoping to be able to use it with Workforce assignments. I created an expression to determine the current time since an assignment was started and want to display a list of those times for all in progress assignments.


Thanks Craig for commenting on the use case. When I was at the UC last month I made a request to their team to see it added to the road map.


This idea is the same as one here... 

Vote both of them up!!


Fantastic idea... I logged on to post this myself and found it at the top of the list. The ability to use Arcade fields in all of the dashboard widgets would really unlock some powerful functionality, especially for doing comparisons on date/time fields (e.g. Craig's example).



Thank you for posting this idea for Arcade Expressions in Operations Dashboard and sharing your interest.


The team would like to ask you a few questions, via the following survey, to gather more details about how you'd like to use Arcade expressions in dashboards. Your input is valued and will be considered. Thank you for your time. 


Survey will expire Friday, April 12, 2019.


Yes, Yes, Yes!  I could not agree more.  This is exactly what I'm trying to do.


I would like to add expressions for use as fields when configuring an interactive chart that could filter the data shown based on status categories. The categories ('Overdue', 'New', etc) would be based on expressions that use various date fields (e.g. EditDate, Expected_end_date).



Checkout this demo which previews what's coming to ArcGIS Dashboards (beta) in April 2020

Dashboard and Arcade - YouTube 


Hi Emily,

Please checkout the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta release, the functionality is available now.

Hope this helps,

Status changed to: Implemented

List elements now support Arcade in two ways: data expressions and advanced formatting. Used individually or together, these new additions open up many new possibilities for List elements. Examples were recently shown at the Esri Developer's Summit.