Allow two (or more) value axes in Dashboard graphs

02-28-2018 06:47 AM
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We have a client who needs to compare two types of attributes inside the same graph/chart.

This is already possible in the web based operations dashboard, but if the values are very different, e.g. one attribute value ranges from -2 to 4 and the other from 1000 to 5000 the graph just shows something like two almost straight lines on the bottom and top of the graph.

The units for each datatype need to be specified in the title/description of the graph instead of adding them to the Value Axis properties.

Basically this type of charts is also frequently used in climate diagrams to compare rainfall and temperature.

I mentioned this enhancement in the Beta Program, but it doesn't look like that it has been taken into consideration so far or if there is a chance that it may be implemented.

cc: jshaner-esristaffAPulver-esristaff


I need two-Y-axes support as well, to chart temperature against kWh.


I would like to add my name to this request... I need to chart fisheries data, with each species providing a tonnage value and commercial value to each port.


I need this functionality too. I want to show minutes of water pump use, and the corresponding approximate production in gallons. These would be y-axis values, and timestamp would be the x-axis for both series of data. I can't believe this isn't possible yet! It seems like such a basic feature. The primary value axis scales based on data in the range, why can't a secondary axis be added to do the same thing?


It would be helpful to have something like this for charting cumulative and new daily COVID-19 cases on one chart.


The lack of dual-axis functionality means the ops dash cannot compete with other more robust pieces of software on an analytical level.  I find that I try and sell ops dash to stakeholders and often lose the argument to PowerBI.  I appreciate that these different software serve their own purpose and aren't necessarily meant to compete, but having dual-axis functionality within ops dash would just push it over the line, and win so many more fans!  


I will also add my name to this request. Having dual axis function is crucial for displaying COVID testing and positive case data.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Definitely need this functionality when comparing river flow data against water quality sample data - the values cover such different ranges that the chart is unusable without a second Y axis.


It looks like this is still not supported, but I too need this functionality. I have a chart of water level and flow where I would like to display both series but the values are too different to use a single y-axis.


We are in need of this functionality as well for displaying cash flow for various programs.