Allow legend text to be updated in the Collector

10-07-2013 08:20 AM
Status: Implemented
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I accept that the "Collector" and "Editor" fields need to be the username as they are unique names but it would be good if the Operations Dashboard legend widget had functionality to allow legend text to be changed. Global account usernames can sometimes not be related to the person's name who has signed up. This means that the legend text needs to be changed so that it is easier to determine who is collecting data in the field and where. The current workflow to achieve this is:

1.    In the web map, once all collectors have started tracking their location, browse to the web map which the Collector view is referencing. Click on the location tracking layer > change symbols > Use: Unique Symbols > To Show: Creator. Save the web map. 
2.    In the web map, once all collectors have started tracking their location, change the collector names from their usernames to their actual names. Save the web map.
3.    In the operations dashboard, configure the map widget and browse to the web map. This will refresh the legend. 

This would have to be repeated for any additional collectors that then collect data with the webmap. Here is how it is displayed with the usernames:

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Status changed to: Implemented

@ChrisAdams This request is quite old, and I think we have had this in the product for a while now. When authoring a map in the Map Viewer, you can set the label shown on the leged. In ArcGIS Dashboards (new name for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS), we use the same legend that gets configured in the Map Viewer.