Allow Grouping of Data (and counting of those groups) in Dashboard Graphs and Indicators

05-27-2021 11:24 AM
Status: Open
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In Serial Charts and Pie Charts, it would be great if we could group data. Right now the Grouped Values option only works if your data is already in general groups, not if your data needs to be combined into specific groups.

For example, if you only have a field with ages in it, it will group all the same ages together. You might have 10 sixteen year-olds, 24 seventeen year-olds, etc. If your data includes all ages, it will group the same ages together and you're still left with over a hundred groups. I'd like to take those ages and put them into age ranges such as 11-20 years old, 21-30 years old, etc. 

This specifically became a problem when I was tapping into another group's data and had no ability to create my own field. 

Additionally, I'd like the option, once groups are made to count those groups. 

For example, If I have a list of records all dated, I'd like to group those records together by month (not individual days) and then count how many months I have total. This number would then could be used as a reference number to help find the average per month of data collected on a daily basis.  

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Hi Savanahh 


I think this is possible by filtering data in indicators and pie charts. Say in you example above 

you can set the filter (reading numbers) age to be within (range). That way you can set up your groups.

Make sure the field is number format.