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Allow charts to have more than one source "layer"

06-01-2023 04:05 PM
Status: Open
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I don't use dashboards a ton, but I have run into this on two projects now, so I thought I would share as a request. In this one, I have two maps that are almost identical stacked on top of each other so that only one may be visible by the user at a time. Configuring my pie chart to filter based on selection is relatively easy for the first map, but on subsequent instances, the "enable same data source" feature goes away despite the layer being the same.

Example, map 1:


Map 2:


(Yes I am exposing myself as a horrible element namer!)

So, this is because the pie charts are only able to listen to one instance of the layer even though only one is visible at a time anyway. It seems I'd have to create a second set of charts and get them in there somehow. I poked around in AGO assistant but nothing jumped out at me as "easy." I may end up just creating a second dashboard and nesting them into at third dashboard, but it would be nice in cases like this to more easily set up the same charts.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@wayfaringrob  This one might be something for Esri Support to look at. The pie chart should be able to filter Map 2, even if chart and the target map layer regardless if they are or are not based on the same data source. When things are not based on the same data source, you need to identify fields that identify how the two data sources are related. 


@patrickb  it's not that it's not able to filter, it's that it doesn't automatically sync up with the data source in the second (copied) map (see screenshot 2) even though it's the exact same, just copied. The idea is for charts to pick up on duplicate instances of a source and work the same as it does on the first.

Status changed to: Open

Thanks for the clarification @wayfaringrob. We will leave this idea open to see if it gains traction in the community.