Add Increment Option to Slider

07-07-2020 01:38 PM
Status: Already Offered
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Situation: I want to display and filter travel times from multiple locations, using15, 30, and 45 min travel time layer.

Currently: The slider option changes in 1 min increments, when precision is set to 0.

Ideally: I should be able to set the increment to 15, so that when I move the slider it moves to only 15, 30, and 45. The drop-down option works this way, but I don't care for that style. With an increment option, I can set the ranges to match the analysis layer, whether tracking time, distance, or some other criteria.

Extra: Even better, would be an advanced option to set whatever stops I want. For example, if I'm using the slider to filter areas by median income, I could set the breaks at 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k.


Thank you for submitting this idea Tyson TM‌  I noticed that there wasn't a Category, but saw that you included a 'dashboard' tag.  I added the ArcGIS Dashboards category.  If that is correct, no further action is needed.  Let us know if you are referring to a different product and we'll update as needed.  Thanks again!

Status changed to: Already Offered

@TysonM If I understand the idea correctly, I believe we already offer what you're asking. Let us know if not.

It looks like you’ve included multiple ideas in this request (i.e. 'Extra'), which doesn’t really adhere to our Submission Guidelines. Can you please separate this idea into a separate submissions? 






@patrickbThank you, I see the option in the current version of Dashboard. I should have clarified that I was using the Beta version, which still does not appear to support increments. If it will be a while before the Beta supports this feature, then I may have to redo this using the current version.

As for the other feature, I felt that it was an extension of this feature. However, if you'd rather I submit it as a new item, I'd be happy to do so.