ArcGIS Companion App Crashing

06-28-2019 08:36 AM
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I've been having an issue using the ArcGIS Companion App. It's crashing every time I click the organizational button at the bottom. This has been on going for several months. 

I'm using Android 9 on Pixel 3. I've installed the latest version of ArcGIS Companion (2.3). I have the administrator role under our organizational account. I had another administrator try the updated 2.3 app from his iphone, and they got the same issue.

In the app store the developer said to contact but I'm getting a bounce when I send to that email.

Here is a screen shot of my phone and the button with the button I'm clicking circled in red in case it helps.

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Hi Sam,

I have tested with the latest build 2.3.30 on Pixel 3a and I wasn't able to reproduce the issue. I am still looking for the Pixel 3 device.

Also there was an issue with which has been fixed. So could you please send me your Org subscription id through this email id? I need to see if there is anything specific about your organization. Some other questions for you.

- Do you remember after what version this issue started to appear? 2.1 or 2.2?

-  Did you update the app or have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

- Could you please log a Technical support issue so that we can troubleshoot this issue further?

- Do you mind providing or sending us a small video for the repro case?

Thank you.


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For anyone interested, I spoke to Esri tech support via the now working and it turns out the issue was caused by the html tags in the Org description. I believe the developers are going to roll out a fix for this.

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