Why does only the default location profile work when configuring a Leica GG04 RTK?

10-29-2019 03:41 PM
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I am trying to set up a Leica GG04 smart antenna running the Leica Zeno Connect software (on my S10+) and using RTK corrections from the California Real Time Network (CRTN).  Briefly, I am able to accomplish this and my estimated accuracy is what I would expect for RTK.  


The maps I upload to ArcGIS online to use in collector are WGS 1984 UTM Zone 10N.


My issue is translating this to collector.


Using the default location profile (GNSS Receiver Coordinate System = GCS WGS 84, Map system/datum transform = "Determined from current map) appears to work, and RTK level accuracy is reported on my maps.  However, they are slightly offset from the ESRI basemaps, and I suspect this is because the coordinates the receiver is getting are actually NAD 1983.  If I use anything other than the default location profile, I get the Incorrect Location Profile error, "The map uses a different coordinate system than the location profile." Adjusting the systems of the uploaded maps and the Collector location profile coordinate systems does not make the error go away.


(It is also interesting that the default profile settings cannot be replicated in additional location profile settings. As in, one cannot define "GCS WGS 84" as the receiver coordinate system, only "GCS WGS 1984", and the map system and transformation cannot be "Determined from current map")


I have specified in Collector settings that the location provider is the Leica Smart Antenna, as well as working through the other steps laid out on the Collector website, though I cannot find what the issue may be.  I am using the ESRI basemap, which I have read is defaulted at WGS 1984.


My specific questions are:

  1. What coordinate system should the Leica Zeno Connect app/software, which is connected to the antenna, be using?  Since the datum used by the CRTN is  “CSRS Epoch 2017.50 (NAD83).”  I imagine I should be using North American 1983.  I cannot get more specific than North American 1983 in the Leica Connect app, so I am not sure if that is a problem.
  2. Does coordinate system used in the Leica software (the answer to question  #1) need to be the exact system specified in the location profile settings of collector under “GNSS receiver coordinate system”?  I would think so.
  3. In the Collector location profile settings, should “Map coordinate system” reflect the system of the maps I upload to ArcGIS online (WGS 1984 UTM Zone 10N)? Again, based on the ESRI guidelines, I would think so.  I also don’t think the specific transformation should matter much, but I may be incorrect in that too.
  4. Are the ESRI basemaps the problem?  I can remove them but it would make surveying in the field difficult.


In general, all I'm trying to do is fix the offset I see when I take a point with RTK and what I see on the basemap.  Maybe this isn't really that big of an issue but I want to make sure my location settings are properly dialed in as well.

Thanks, and any help would be appreciated.


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Hello Mike,

Please get in touch with zeno.support@leica-geosystems.com.



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