Where's a list of bugs already reported (NIMs) for Collector 10.2.2 and beyond?

08-28-2014 10:54 AM
New Contributor

I would like to know up front what errors have already been identified, so I don't spend time looking for a solution myself.

Here is an example of a possible 'bug'.


Upload a 10.1 sp 1 file geodatabase (zipped) & then generate Feature Service so that staff may setup a map to work offline later.

In editing mode, there are three options in the Feature Service Properties for enabled Editing...


Editors can add, update, and delete features.               



ONLY option #1 works. IF I choose option #2 or #3 staff can't download the map containing the Feature Service, because it won't show for them as available. We are using IE 11, Both Android & iOS smartphones, iPad.

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