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So if I use my own service that I host through my ArcGIS Server and register the Geodatabase I will not be using credits?

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Correct. You can get a list of what does (and doesn't) consume credits here:

To your specific example:

"What Doesn't Use Service Credits?

  • Leveraging your own ArcGIS for Server capabilities to host and publish map services"
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Thanks for your reply. I am confused because I thought the information below says with using 10.1 I would have to register the geodatabase and that does use credits….see below and thanks in advance.

I guess while publishing the Featureservice ArcGIS told you it will upload your data to the Server. And now your feature service and your geodatabase are out of sync.

Upfront publishing the featureservice you could register your geodatabase with the ArcGIS Server. Then the featureservice will directly write into your geodatabase and you get all the edits from the collector app directly in your geodatabase. To register your geodatabse with the arcGIS for Server log in to Manager and click Site > GIS Server > Data Store. For detailed information about registering data to the ArcGIS for Server see also the manual

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if  you are uploading data to your own ArcGIS Server there is no credit cost. If you publish your data to a hosted service then the space of the data(this includes attachments) will go towards your credit cost.


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