Unable to synchronize replica

05-03-2016 10:03 AM
by Anonymous User
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Sync replica internal error.


The data has been uploaded, but the iPad still wants to sync.

I can't seem to submit a support ticket or get into support chat. Any Esri techs want to help me?

I can share my services via messaging.

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I also have the same issue. It seems this has been an ongoing hitch, though it has likely morphed with versions, since 2011. I have read as many previous forum threads as possible.

My webmap, editable offline, contains 8 editable feature services. Edit Tracking is turned off on all Feature Services and each Feature Service has attachments enabled. When I published these services from desktop I did enable all options under the Feature Service capabilities (Update, Delete, Sync etc).

I have removed the web map from Collector, checked all settings on map and each individual service, saved, re-downloaded, collected features and am now getting:

"Unable to synchronize replica. Internal Sync Error - {CDE25398-2D81-465A-B2AD-36088367FDEB}"

Not sure if it matters, but to enable pick lists for field data entry I built domains into the geodatabase for use when I created each feature class.

Please advise...is there a new occurrence of this issue? What else should I be checking?

I work for the USFS....trying to show the importance of what this technology can do for us...my show and tell window is closing...

I cannot share services as they are internal to our Org account only.

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Though I still receive the above sync error - if I add the Feature Services to a new web map (post sync with error) and "zoom to location" the map lands where a feature does exist, only there is no symbology. I wouldn't have known it was there, had I not been the one to collect it. The point and its attributes exist on the offline map in Collector...


After testing the services within ArcMap, I noticed it was a scale/extent issue. I locked to a specific scale on the data frame, created the feature template and re-published each service. I also set the extent within the Feature Layer Item Description page for each hosted Feature layer (Feature Service). And set the same extent on the Web Map being used to access the services.

I am no longer getting a sync error message, though the data was getting pushed. It now syncs with no error and data displays.