Sync problem on offline mode

08-02-2020 06:20 AM
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Hi everyone

we have been using offline mode within tile packages. I have a sync problem with that. 

When I sync it no error message. But I could not see from the portal.  But still able to see from the collector app. 

I have using registered data in the SQL database. 

I have checked the entire set about sync in collector apps. 

note: The collector has been working on ios and updated version. 

Is there any way to get point with attached files from the collector from file explorer. 

 Any suggestions about that. 



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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Recep,

You can use iTunes and copy the Collector folder to your desktop or use the Files app in iOS to share your user folder (under Collector folder) to email/one drive. The runtime geodatabase contained within the folder is consumable in ArcGIS Pro; you can export the data or attempt to sync from Pro.

When did you start having this sync issue in Collector?



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