sync issue for collector, server throwing a series of errors

03-31-2016 09:50 AM
by Anonymous User
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Any help would be great,

All issues are related to the System/SyncTools.GPServer

     Failed in acquiring Archive Difference Cursor for dataset: wmhb_gis.DBO.DispCampInventory_DP for Replica: DBO.Ags_Fs_1448316015807      [GUID: 5EC4984C-6AE5-47F3-BD31-E6AC8E5BB407]. Time taken: 0.049000 seconds. Underlying DBMS error      [WMHB_GIS.DBO.DISPCAMPINVENTORY_DP][STATE_ID = 2727]. Dataset: wmhb_gis.DBO.DispCampInventory_DP. Replica:      DBO.Ags_Fs_1448316015807.

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Has there been any insight on this?

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You might look into the available memory on your database server - we've found that when using archiving the server needs a ton of RAM to sync.  This is especially true if you are doing photo attachments.

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Are you running into similar issue like

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One thing to check out is the 10.3.1 sync patch:

ArcGIS 10.3.1 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Feature Service Sync Performance Patch | Samples and Uti...

There is an item addressed in this patch that returns the same error message you list above.



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