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Sync error using iPad and Collector

05-28-2015 11:01 AM
Occasional Contributor

We are running collector using related records to capture rockcut inventory and inspections.  Everything is working fine in collector.  We can enter in related records and then add photo attachments.

When we try to sync the data we get an error message saying "Unable to synchronize replica" (see attached picture of error message).

After getting the error I went to AGOL and can see all of the data that was on the iPad.  But I cannot see any attachments for the inspections.

If I export everything to a file geodatabase  and open it up in Arcgis I can see all of the data and the attachments in the inspection table.

Has anyone else come across this error?  It seems like everything is still working but I am concerned there may be problems I am not seeing and don't want to lose any data in the future.

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