Sync Error - Andriod (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3)

04-30-2014 12:38 PM
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After collecting data and editing fields on the collector app, I have noticed that every once in a while that when I bring my tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) back to the office to sync the data over wifi, I get the error message:

"Sync Error
An error occurred while synchronizing edits."

I have tried different wifi connections that vary from good strength to very good strength and get the same error. This has been occurring more often now after the recent update to 10.2.3. I have restarted the tablet multiple times and still get the error. I have even hit force close on the app and still get the same error.

After looking through this forum a while I haven't seen anyone really have such a generic blank error like I get. I tried this technique but still the same error shows up.

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Can you share the map & service to a group and invite our account Collector4ArcGIS into it and we can take a look at what the sync issue could be.

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I just sent you the invitation to my group that has the map and hosted service. The name of the map is "Signs Inventory Test" and the hosted service is "Updated Signs New"
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A few troubleshooting suggestions for those Android users running into sync issues:

If the sync is failing immediately first check your network connection (especially if you have a vpn or proxy active) and then try the following using a file manager on the device browse to:

ArcGIS_Collector\offline_data\ <your map folder> first make a backup, then if there is a folder there called SyncGdbRequest with files in it remove it, additionally if there is a file client_delta_<numbers>.geodatabase remove that too. 

restart the app and try sync again.

If sync is failing after a given time period or you get progress before it fails it is likely a result of:

a. Your network connection has dropped and we are unable to resume the sync and needs to be attempted again.
b. You have hit a bug in the upload limit or download limit (this can vary depending on your device)  We will be putting out an update to address both of those in the next few weeks.  We are hoping to have a beta of that out shortly for people to test. You can check that by browsing to the map folder (see the path above) and looking at the size of the file client_delta_<numbers>.geodatabase  if its > 100mb you may be running into that bug

If you are still experiencing problems please contact support, or share a copy of the map to the user Collector4ArcGIS so we can take a look , or if size permits zip up your offline_data folder and share it to and we can take a look at the issue.
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