Support for SAML authentication with Collector for Windows 10

04-07-2016 06:50 AM
by Anonymous User
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When can we expect to see SAML authentication available in Collector for Windows 10?

We have been working hard to get all of our public facing services that require restricted access setup to use two factor authentication, and we have this working now utilizing SAML services with a public facing Portal for ArcGIS system along with a Federated ArcGIS for Server and managed database.  

However, the last step in the process is to get the Collector application working so we can take the data offline and work with it out in the field.   Both the Android and iOS versions of Collector work with SAML, but only with username and password.  We currently have not found a way to use our PIV cards (CAC) with iOS and Android that work with custom applications.  Only web applications work at this time with the card readers and the web maps do not support offline editing.  

Enter the new Windows 10 version of Collector which was released in February.   Because it runs on a full version of Windows 10 , which natively supports CAC readers, it would be the logical choice for field data collection that supports our two factor authentication requirement.   Unfortunately, the current release of this version of Collector does not support SAML authentication.   It just presents the user with a forms based username/password field, which I’m assuming is just using the Portals REST based token authentication.

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