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Student requesting help with Collector for ArcGIS

11-29-2018 11:59 AM
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Greetings friends.

I'm a final year student currently studying at the University of Cape Town's Geomatics department.

I'm attempting to complete my thesis that involves the use of mobile applications.

I've recently come across Collector for ArcGIS, and had wanted to use it, but found I could not log into the app as downloaded from Android Play Store.

I do not wish to waste anyone's time, so I wish to ask whether Collector for ArcGIS is free or does one need to pay for access. A thread regarding this was asked prior: can't sign into collector 

Back in 2016 a Dutch student in Ethiopia used Collerctor: 

And in her thesis she she gave instruction into her appendix that implied for me at least, that Collector was a freeware.

If anyone would be so kind as to help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.


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Collector itself is free to download, but you need to have an ArcGIS organizational account to log in.

What are the requirements?—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS

Create account—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS

If your university has an organizational account, maybe you could get an account there. Otherwise, it looks like there's a 21-day free trial that would provide access to apps like Collector. This page has a link towards the bottom to sign up for a free trial: Collector for ArcGIS - Collect & Update Data in the Field | Esri

I think Collector is also available through ArcGIS for Student Use, but it's not free.

ArcGIS for Student Use | ArcGIS Desktop Advanced for Personal Use

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Hi Jan,

Stephen M's response above is great. Since you're new to using Collector, this video is a good starting point to learn about the app,

Collector for ArcGIS: An Introduction - Esri UC 2017 tech session

Hope this helps,

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