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Looking for Tablet suggestions for Esri Pro & apps

11-12-2018 06:15 AM
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Hi community,

Our company is looking to invest money to buy some tablets for field use. We're looking for recommendations based on  what you guys have tried and are actively using as a daily tool using ArcPro, Survey123, and Collector app. Most of the areas we service have poor service connection so we would need a reliable GPS/satellite signal either built-in or external to collect points.



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I was hoping someone would have an answer for you as I am curious too! What you're asking for is kind of unique, it seems. Take a look at this thread that may have some good ideas:

Those of you running ArcGIS Pro: What are your system specs? Are you happy with the performance? 

It's mostly about Pro though.

It seems your first bottle neck would be to make sure that your portable machine can handle ArcGIS Pro. Then, see if it can do the field and GPS work to handle Survey123 and Collector. That would be what I would do.

Maybe a Microsoft Surface Pro or something that acts like a PC and is also portable. These threads support a MS Surface: 

I would also tag ArcGIS Pro‌ and Survey123 for ArcGIS‌ to see if others can chime in.