Spectra Precision SP60 GNSS Receiver and Collector connection issue via Android

12-05-2017 08:56 AM
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Has anyone else tried to connect a Spectra Precision SP60 GNSS Receiver with Collector/Android?  It says it is a supported GNSS Receiver for Android with Collector:  GPS receiver support—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

The Spectra "SPace" app between android and SP60 work just fine.  Collector does recognize the SP60 in the Receiver Bluetooth settings. I did set up a Location Profile to match my VRS Real-time.

Upon opening a map in collector (I tried several maps) it does zoom into the location of the SP60 and starts to give and accuracy in the lower left but then it immediately disconnects from SP60 and the error says "Receiver Not Found"  and see attached.

I have left NMEA output both "Off and On" the Spectra "SPace" app during my testings.




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I have an update about the Spectra Precision SP60 and Collector pairing.

I spoke to both Esri Support and Spectra Precision Support.  This is what we found out:

1st, Yes you have to use the “Default” receiver selection in Collector as the SDK is not built for Collector yet so you cannot set the Bluetooth setup for SP60 like I normally do with the Trimble R1/R2.


2nd, yes there is no GNSS Metadata available at this time due to no SDK from Spectra SPace to Collector App.


3rd, do not use the 95% confidence setting as it reports totally different than what the Spectra SPace app is reading.  Meaning, leave the Confidence Level as OFF. 


4th, I have been in contact with Spectra Precision Support and suggested that the SPace App get an SDK integration with Collector like Trimble has done with the GNSS Status App with Collector for Trimble R1 and R2 etc.

Stay tuned.



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Hi Jay,

I am similarly trying to connect a Spectra receiver (SP80) to Collector, and I'm experiencing some of the same issues you did.  Using the SPace app, I'm successfully able to connect to the receiver and confirm satellite signals.  When I try to connect via collector, I get the same error message you did.

When you say that you have to use the "Default" receiver selection in Collector, does that mean the same thing as the "integrated receiver"?  If so, how can you tell if the location data in Collector is coming from the external GNSS receiver or just from the tablet device's internal receiver?

Once you followed all of the above steps you mentioned, did you get a successful pairing that allowed you to collect data?



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Yes, once I followed the above steps I was able to get the SP60 to work with Collector and Real-time VRS.

The Receiver selection is the confusing part as far as what setting to set for the GNSS Receiver - for now at least.

I was told that you have to use the "Integrated" selection for now with SP60 and SP80. Set the "SPace APP" to Mock Locations in your Android "Developer" settings.  Be sure that you do not have "Location" turned on inside your Android device.

The only way really to know if the SP60 was giving me its accuracy via Real-time Accuracy was to look at "Accuracy Badge" and its details by click on that badge on the Map screen of Collector. 

Also, inside of Collector, you can set an "Accuracy Threshold" so that you cannot collect worse than a certain horizontal accuracy.  The Badge will be RED and will not let you collect anything about the accuracy you set.

I did speak with some of the Spectra Precision staff at the Esri UC in July and they said they are currently in communication with Esri staff to get the SDK between the SPace app and Esri Collector set up.  Not sure when this will be completed.  This should then solve the Bluetooth GNSS Receiver selection and the ability to write GNSS Metadata from the SP60 and SP80.

Stay tuned......



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Hi Garrett,

I'm currently trying to achieve the same GPS collection workflow as you've mentioned above. I have a new SP80 receiver and a Spectra MobileMapper 50 with which I will run ESRI Collector. I have not yet tried to connect the SP80 with Collector (as I just received the equipment today), but I suspect I will run into the same sort of issues you and Jay have run into. That being said, after you followed Jays previously mentioned steps were you successful in pairing the SP80 with Collector? 

Thank you,


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Was anyone able to figure out the SP80 and collector? It is not under supported GNSS receiver types for collector and after trying to pair the receiver to SPace and doing some research, It does not seem possible. 

Am trying to successfully collect data through Collector for Arc with my SP80.


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