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Sorting Domains for Collector

05-29-2014 12:07 PM
MVP Alum
I have just started exploring Collector and am impressed by it???s potential.

My biggest frustration, however, is dealing with domains. Specifically, keeping them sorted.  The default seems to be an alpha sort on the description.  It is possible to get them sorted by codes instead by using the "Sort Coded Value Domain" tool in Data Management.  This usually gets the drop-down lists in Collector to display in the intended order.

I have yet to find a way to present a sorted list when the domain is used as to set the symbol (feature type) for a feature class.  Specifically, when you go to collect a new feature, Collector gives you an unsorted list (not in alpha or code order) for the feature type.  It appears that this list gets resorted each time the map is reloaded or Collector is restarted.  It also appears that some items in the domain aren???t displayed or may be hold-overs from previous versions of the map.  The only work around I???ve come up with is to select any feature type and then correct it with the drop-down.

Any suggestions with sorting domains?

I am using 10.2.3 for Android.
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MVP Alum
Glad it is a "know issue" �?? perhaps it will be fixed.

I did try using AGOL to fix it.  With the map open, I clicked on the Edit button, and below the Add Features window there is a Manage button.  I attempted to reorder the feature type list but could not save changes (�??Error. Service edits could not get saved. You do not have access to this resource�?�).  The reordered list only remained so for the session, and could not be accessed by Collector.

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