Single point symbol not appearing in new Collector App

10-30-2020 07:38 AM
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I have developed a map that is used in an AGO Web App and on Collector. It's an app for land managers to post park open/closed status for other internal staff to see. For some reason, only one domain is not being drawn on Collector (Park Open, Office Closed). It is showing on the web app, and Collector Classic, but not the new version of Collector. Is this because the domain contains a comma and new collector cannot read that?

I played with different symbols and no matter what that attribute will not appear. These are simple symbols created in AGO. The data is hosted as a feature service in the AGO cloud.

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My guess would be the comma.  Have you tested that?

Hope it helps.

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I see this never got a reply, but I believe the comma is the issue - I saw the same issue when using commas in a coded domain. The points showed in AGOL and Collector Classic but not in Collector (at least, on Android). Symbolise the same layer by a different field where the domain has no comma, and it shows up.

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