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Sign Inventory example

01-15-2019 12:50 PM
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I'm looking for a working example of a sign inventory solution.   There is a solution listed in the Solution Gallery for local government but it doesn't demonstrate the actual usage of this.  (Sign Inventory | ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government)

We have long struggled with how to track the sign inventory, something our field crews would love to do.  Our challenge is how to capture the information either in the field or on a desktop application where it's not confusing as to the orientation and information about the signs. 

For example, a stop sign on a corner of a street.  It's straight forward enough to capture the location, but how to show a symbol of the stop sign and the direction it faces?  Further more, some stop signs have the street name affixed on the same post, how can that be shown with the names of the streets associated?  That is one of the simpler examples,  the signs do get extremely complex in congested areas.  For one sign post in a downtown core, you may have upwards of 5 different signs on the post all with different information and potentially facing different directions based on the road they relate to.

I'm very curious to see how others are handing this issue with signs and the posts having a one to many relationship.


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Hi K B,

This Esri business partner has a module for street signs.

Government Asset Management Software | Cartegraph

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