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Setting Collector field default values

03-31-2019 04:58 PM
New Contributor III

Hi, when our users are doing repetitive tasks in Collector, at times they would like to be able to retain the currently set values for some fields to save having to re-select them each time. These default values may change through the day, possibly on an hourly or half-hourly basis so setting form defaults the usual way through the feature class is not an option. It would be great if the user could selectively tick-on/off a field in a create/ edit form to flag that the present value should be retained ongoing as the 'current default' value. For some fields you would intentionally want the user to make a selection to ensure that a step or process has been followed, so this would need to be configurable for each field, much like indicating whether a field is visible or editable when the initial web-map is setup. Does anyone else see this as a valuable enhancement to the app, or found a way to accommodate this type of requirement ?



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