Send NMEA data from raspberry pi to Collector on iOS

03-01-2019 02:01 PM
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Collector for iOS apparently can only see and connect via bluetooth to receivers that are MFi licensed/certified, per GPS receiver support—Collector for ArcGIS (Classic) | ArcGIS. However, we're developing a prototype device, initially using a raspberry pi, which is not MFi, and is therefore not visible in Collector as a receiver.

One option is to use the NMEA-BT device from Aman Enterprises, which we're working on getting, but I'm wondering if we could write a program to take data transferred from the Pi to iOS over BLE (which we can do) and either set the location of the Integrated Receiver using that data (i.e., telling iOS that our location data is THE location data), or maybe create some sort of "virtual receiver" that can show up in Collector, or send the location to the map in Collector in some other way.

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