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Requiring Images in Field Maps

03-01-2023 11:23 AM
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I'm trying to find a way to require images (attachments) in Field Maps when a user submits a point. I have an ArcGIS Online account with a GIS Professional Standard license. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? Our field workers regularly forget to take a picture before leaving the field. It’s such an easy mistake to make, but when they may be driving hundreds of miles to get on site, it’s a difficult thing to fix once they've returned home.

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Cannot seem to find a solution anywhere about this, so reaching out to the community here.

My team is starting out with ESRI Field Maps for our data validation tasks in the field (likely offline, but can be online if needed). We were able to build a mobile map package and sideload it onto the device (iPad). Then we realized if we don't host the map/layers on ArcGIS Online, we aren't able to create a form (using the Designer) to go with the map for field data entry. Without a form, we could do some basic markups on the map but the form will help immensely with consistent and fast entry, not to mention easier data management afterward.

We do have the ArcOnline licenses, so can use it if absolutely necessary, but would like to avoid having to limit the map sizes and spending credits to store the maps on the platform.

Any suggestions/ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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