Related records not being saved in new Collector app

01-10-2019 01:43 PM
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I've been developing an application using Collector Classic for our Water Resources department. I have something that works with that, but I was pleased by some of the changes in the new app so I decided to try it. I really like a lot of it, but when I add a related inspection to the asset it doesn't save.

I can add an inspection, fill out the form, take pictures and then submit. The new inspection is listed with the related records. If I leave this asset and then go back, the new one I created is no longer there. Signing out and in again doesn't make it appear. It also doesn't show up in the related records REST endpoint for the asset. This isn't an online map that needs to be synced and the documentation I read didn't mention anything about needing to save a record beyond hitting "Submit".

Is anyone else having this issue?

After creating inspection, it shows up in the related records:

After clicking away from this asset and coming back:

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