Related data in Collector not sync'ing

05-12-2015 05:06 PM
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Hello all,

I have map with a single point FC (FC_a) and a related table (TBL_a).  The relationship class is based on GlobalIds, archiving is enabled, and I am able to edit and add new related records in Collector when connected.  TBL_a also has another relationship class associated with it.

When I download the map and take it offline and perform edits, I can add new related records and it looks like Collector is doing things properly as I can see the new record when I goto to 'View' the related data.  However, when I sync the data it appears the record is getting written to the table, but it's not assigning the realted GlobalId so the record is basically orphaned.

Any ideas what might be happening here would be greatly appreciated?

In addition, I have this working perfectly in another schema, and the only difference is that there are 2 FCs related to the single table.  Maybe this isn't supported in Collector?


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