Register as Versioned To Base?

05-10-2016 02:04 PM
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Hello!  I have a bit of a dilemma with a project that has some what appear to be mutually exclusive requirements.

We have an SDE (10.3) Feature Dataset with features that are collected, and verified in the field.  (say, wetland boundaries)

* Though the original data is collected on a Trimble, we would like a field review team to be able to see the polygons on Collector, and have the review team update attributes using Collector. THIS SEEMS TO REQUIRE EITHER ARCHIVING OR REGISTERING AS VERSIONED NOT TO BASE

* We have a 3rd part .NET Web Application that also makes edits to the base SDE Table in SQL Server.  To make this process easier, it is ideal to NOT have Archiving, or either no Versioning, or choosing the "Base" option.  These two things are opposed.

Any ideas?  Does anyone have a workflow to reliably update a/d tables instead of the base SQL table when you are dealing with a versioned database?  Or a way to edit data in collector without having to register not to base or archive?  (Could this be done if we don't enable collector for Sync - i'e' maps can't be downloaded).  Any other thoughts I might be missing?  Thanks!!!!

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