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Refresh Rate Question

02-26-2019 11:41 AM
New Contributor

Hi All,

I'm having trouble with the refresh rates in the new version of Collector. The map does not seem to update as quickly as the old version after submitting an edit. Sometimes the map refresh won't happen until I exit the map and come back into it.  We're using ESRI's valve exercising map which is slightly changed to fit our environment.

The strange part is, it works on the old version and not the new version. (Same iPad, same network connection, same web map.) We're planning to launch the valve exercising Collector map tomorrow and we were hoping to use the new version. I hope I've provided enough information about what is happening to the refresh.  We were testing on wifi not cellular, so it should be very fast. I'm a little puzzled and would appreciate some ideas.


Greg Berghoff,


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