Reduced basemap functionality in new Collector?

12-11-2018 03:05 PM
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Apologies if missing something, I cannot seem to find the following (that are available in classic collector)

1) Ability to adjust offline map extent as well as level of detail, it now seems to be a fixed box with only level of detail changeable?

2) Ability to NOT download base maps when taking a project offline and instead choose from those already downloaded 

3) Ability to switch between downloaded basemaps (non sideloaded that already exist on device from other offline areas)

4) When removing an offline map, ability to remove features only and retain basemaps on the device

Has the above (extremely useful) functionality been deprecated, or coming ‘back’ to the new collector soon?


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I did a little bit of the beta testing and have a couple thoughts that might help, but I wasn't a serious user of Collector before the new version, so I don't know all the ins and out of how the old one worked.  I'm just a user, though, so don't know anything about product timeline.

1. I get different inputs depending on whether I have a vector basemap or a raster basemap chosen.  If you choose a vector basemap  you just get "pick an extent" and it builds it for all levels.  If you have raster data in the map, you also have to pick level of detail. Seems like the ad hoc "add offline area" doesn't want to take very much raster data offline.  I have really enjoyed being able to use a vector basemap now in the new Collector.  So much more readable. And quick.

2. I stumbled across a new function in the web map settings in the Advanced settings for Offline "use a tile package for an offline basemap". Haven't tried it out yet though.

3. Haven't found this and would really like it, because all web maps have to have a basemap and so every single offline area ends up re-downloading the basic basemap.  Waste of time, if not space.

4. Ditto, but the sideloading from iTunes is not bad, for what it's worth.