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Pairing Collector to Trimble R8 receiver

07-05-2017 06:53 PM
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Hey all -
Looking at the latest update for using GNSS there is some great stuff with the newest release.
We have successfully paired our Trimble R10 receiver to Collector by using bluetooth with our Samsung
Galaxy T2 Tables. The GNSS Status app finds our R10 right away, but I am having problems with our R8.
It has bluetooth and both my phone and my tablet see the R8 receiver but when I go to connect to the R8 with
the GNSS app, it says no receiver found. 
Any ideas as to who I can talk to in order to get the GNSS app to see the Receiver?

Thanks - Katy

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If you are having issues with connecting the R8 to the GNSS status utility application, then you will want to contact Trimble since they design that application. I would make sure that the R10 is completely disconnected from that device to make sure it isn't an issue with R8/R10 signals interfering with each other


GNSS Status - Android Apps on Google Play 

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