Orthometric Heights (MSL) and GNSS Configuration on Collector

05-14-2020 01:18 AM
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I'm using a gnss gps (Trimble Catalyst) with the Survey123 field app and Collector (Android), the Trimble Catalyst is used with the Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) app.

the TMM ALTITUDE output has been change and  it is displaying two values:

1. Height above ellipsoid (HAE).

2. Height above mean sea level (MSL)

the the collector app the ALTITUDE field  is receiving the MSL value.

the Survey123 field app the ALTITUDE is receiving the HAE value.

i tried several geopoint properties codes in the Survey123 form:


pulldata("@geopoint",${location},"altitude ")

and it always getting the HAE value.

after some searching i found that ESRI is updated the collector app to the new TMM MSL value and it's updating it the the altitude field.

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if the collector "knows" to take the MSL value what is the geopoint properties for the Survey123?

i know that i can update the geoidSeparation in the Survey123 field app but if i will get that value directly from the TMM it is better accuracy.

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