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Offline maps in Collector display different labels than web map configuration.

09-15-2021 03:31 PM
New Contributor

I have configured the labeling in a web map to display the "unique ID" field for a layer. I am using the web map to collect data in the Collector App and have configured the map to allow for offline use. When I am not using an offline area the feature labels show the appropriate "unique ID" field. However, when I use an offline map the labels show up as the default Object_ID. 

Has anyone encountered this? Is there a way to make sure the labeling configuration remains in the offline map areas?  

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Tyler,

It might be worth your while trying the same Map in ArcGIS FieldMaps. Collector will be discontinued in the coming months and FieldMaps will be our premier mobile application.  

As a secondary follow-up if you create your labels in the new Web Map engine and then you view this in ArcGIS field maps you should better compatability between the two environments.


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