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Offline Edits Not Appearing in Hosted Views

05-20-2020 10:53 AM
New Contributor III

We have recently (since March AGOL update) noticed an issue with edits synced from offline maps in Collector. The edits sync successfully but do not appear in hosted feature service views. The primary feature service (from which the view is made) does see them, but they do not trickle down to the view. ONLY after an edit is made to the view through an online map in Collector or AGOL web map does the view update with the edits synced from the offline map. This is a major problem because any views we share with partners do not contain all the data. This jeopardizes our workflow with Collector and AGOL entirely. Miaogeng Zhang Xander Bakker Kelly Gerrow's Blog Collector‌ AGOL

Example (part 1) - Two points exist in the database which were synced at different times from an offline map. Only one (left) is visible, while I can still select them both in the map and the attribute table shows two selected while only one is visible.

Example (part 2) - If I scroll in the other 'ghost' point becomes visible in the map, map but does still does nt appear in the attribute table even though it says 2 are selected.

Example (part 3) - BUT when I add a record with the web map editor or Collector online, the view updates properly. All the records draw and the attribute table is correct. Below the red point was added through the edit tool and now all points are visible and 3 features are in the attribute table which is correct.

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