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Offline Data Syncing Error

02-19-2018 11:28 PM
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I'm having a constant error with a few of my android devices when I try to sync their offline data. I get an error message saying "Sync Error. An error occurred while synchronizing edits." When I select "show details" it simply says there are no details. 

Is there no way for me to download the file containing the data and uploading it from my PC? Or is there any other way for me to sync the additional data?


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Are you also having issues syncing over Wi-Fi? I see that the screenshot shows you are on a 3g connection.

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Yes, we had the error over WiFi and data connection. We checked the data and it seemed as if the points were already synced, but that collector wasn't picking up that it already synced the points. I just had the same error with another device and when I checked my points were already synced, collector just didn't register that it had already synced those points.

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I've been working on the use of referenced data published to ArcGIS Server (as versioned) that is in a collaboration with AGOL in order to add collected data in Collector to automatically update SDE database. (Excuse me if I miss spoke, but you get the point) It has been quite an effort and is worth it! Here is the tutorial I used to achieve this:

Tutorial: Configure feature service data for offline use—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 

When I was testing this, I too was getting the sync error once back at the office. Thinking it was true, never thought to check and see if it synced anyways. But it did. Attachments and all.

This is troublesome because it scares my users away. The whole point of my effort is to create less steps for them, empower the user, and to create confidence in data collection. The sync error also creates another step in deleting the downloaded map to change the work area.

This is a great tool. I can only see it getting better. Thanks

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Did you ever figure out what was causing this? We have also been experiencing  sync error with "no details".

Mix of iphones and Android tablets, using both data connections & wi-fi.

Most of the time (4/5 times?) the data has actually synced, but the off one has not and has had to be backed up from th e device.

- for iphone users they get the error, but in the background the # of edits to be synced re-sets to none

- for Android users, the # never re-sets and still shows that the edits are waiting to be synced.

Field crews are definitely getting frustrated, and they're losing lots of time while we verify that the edits have actually gone through before they can change to a new work area.

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Did you check your ArcGIS Server logs for the system.SyncService?  We have issues like this all the time when using a SQLServer powered SDE database.  Generally there is some error related to being unable to acquire a "difference cursor" and generate a response.

What this translates to in human words is that ArcGIS Server checked in the data but couldn't determine what might have changed in the database prior to the checkin so it couldn't generate a response to the device to complete the sync.  Sometimes this has turned out to be because the database server is low on resources... especially if using archiving.  Adding gobs of RAM to that server seems to help. 

Regardless it comes up frequently enough that we have built a database reset switch into our custom apps so users can archive their offline geodatabase and download a clean copy.

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