Offline Collector Not Syncing

08-16-2019 12:26 PM
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I am having an issue where work being assigned through a web app is showing up when collector is synced.  I am attempting to set up a work flow where field inspectors collect date through survey123, the data is then reviewed and assigned through a web app to a contractor who would view and edit using collector.  Due to issues with Collector in Offline not handling copied layers i am having to do everything through view layers.  The end user want the work broken down into multiple layers.  The issue i am having relates to the contractor receiving their daily work using collector offline.  Our service area connectivity is very poor so offline use is a must.  When the work is assigned it is not coming over to collector despite the assigned locations being clearly visible in the web map.  I'm not sure if this is due to the view layers a bug or something else.  I have played around with refresh rates, recreating view layers but that hasn't fixed it.  Is anyone else using a setup similar to this for collecting data and pushing it to a contractor???

My Work Flow Is Something Like This...

A                                                                     B                                                                        C                                          

Survey123 Feature Service > > Reviewer Map View Layers > > Reviewed and Assigned Using Web Map & App 

               D                                                         E                                       F

> > Survey123 Feature Service > >Contractor Map View Layers > > Contractor Web Map



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