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New Collector (iOS) doesn't bring in existing features when downloading an offline area

02-22-2019 12:37 PM
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I'm having trouble with getting the new Collector to bring in existing features when downloading an area to take offline. I can see all my feature types in the Legend, and add new ones, but cannot see any of my pre-existing data. When I view the map on the device (connected to the portal) before I try to download an offline area, everything shows up normally. I published different feature layers from Pro and ArcMap (within this same map), and they both behave the same (don't appear once the map is downloaded). The same map downloads for offline use just fine in Collector Classic.

Is this a bug, or something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

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Hi Amanda,

I have seen a few recent cases where this is the case, where Aurora has trouble rendering some feature services in offline maps.  I highly recommend calling Technical Support as this will likely require some testing and perhaps logging a defect.

Esri Support Contact Support 

Best of luck,


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This is definitely a bug issue and it is beginning to cause issues for my companies work flows.  I have a webmap with 6 view layers that pull from a single survey123 feature service. Everything displays correctly on the webmap but on collector (ios or android) not one view layer displays.  The view layers were an attempt at a work around because I discovered that a differently bug or limitation does not allow you add copied layers.  I need to be able to break down a Survey123 feature service into multiple layers for my field crews who use collector.  Is there any hope that this bug will be fixed soon?



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